Sunday, February 10, 2013

CCCF--Community Children's Chorus Festival


Saturday, February 9th was a long and joyful day of making music for the Music@SPARK Advanced Chorus.

The idea for CCCF (click HERE for the concert program) began when a group of music teachers (Ms. Turgeon and her friends--our Music Teachers' Support Group) decided it was time for our kids to meet and get to know each other. But then our "getting to know you event" event became "how can we get our kids together, have a ton of fun, AND create an exceptional day of music for our singers?" 

Many of the MTSG teachers work with Atlanta Young Singers, the professional children's choir that is based at Callanwolde, so AYS singers, parents, and volunteers became part of the plan to make sure that every chorister was having a great time and experience. We invited choirs from public and private schools, as well as AYS to round out the expereince.  MTSG member and Swift School Chorus Teacher, Caroline Goldstein, who is also an organizational master, sought out the best clinicians, judges, and accompanist to make the day a success.

The date for CCCF finally arrived. Singers arrived at Mary Lin  to meet and play games & perform for each other, get feedback and suggestions from Choral experts, participate in sight-reading workshop, percussion workshop, and they finally ended the day with a mass concert of all choruses, led by the Music Director for Atlanta Young Singers and nationally sought-after choral clinician, Paige Mathis.

Part of the day included two chances for the singers to perform their pieces for the upcoming LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation). Our judges were Dr. Susan Messer, Chorus Director at Ridgeview Charter School and Amy Hughley from Riverwood International Charter school. Ms. Hughley is also the president of the American Choral Directors' Association (ACDA) for the Georgia chapter.

Our Clinician Paige Mathis from Atlanta Young Singers
starting the CCCF day

Percussion with Mr. Jon Marvel
from Mary Lin

Sight-singing guru
Ms. Sue (moo, rim-ram-roo) Briss 
Judge Tune-up
with Dr. Susan Messer

Letting off steam. There is nothing more fun than taking jumping pictures!
the kid in the stripes
is Taylor, from Mary Lin

Ms. Meaghan Curry,
Music Teacher at Henderson Mill 
Ms. Turgeon is the Assistant Music Director with Atlanta Young Singers.

Ms. Caroline Goldstein and
The Swift School
Lower Division Chorus

The Swift School
Advanced Chorus

Ms. Paige Mathis with
Atlanta Young Singers
Training Chorus
Advanced Chorus
Reed Fazenbaker
on Flute
The Accompanist
for the entire day
Ms. Leanne Hermann
"Turn The World Around" featured
Mr. Marvel on guitar and Alex, Jessica, Taylor,
and Zoe on percussion

Full CCCF Chorus, including Atlanta Young Singers, Springdale Park's Advanced Chorus, The Swift School and Mary Lin.

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  1. It was a great concert! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication :)
    Michelle Dynes