Monday, February 20, 2017

Support Music@SPARK & Hockey Fights Cancer! AND 5th Grade vs Teachers BB Challenge

Support Music@SPARK as 4th and 5th graders perform "O, Canada" at the Atlanta Gladiators vs Greenville during Hockey Fights Cancer weekend SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2017 @ 2:05 P.M. ALL 4th and 5th Graders are invited to sing if they know the bilingual version of "O, Canada" (practice info below)

If we sell 100 tickets a portion of each ticket sale will be donated back to our Music program!

GO TO: (DO NOT enter www.) ENTER CODE: SPARK (code will be active until March 7)

O Canada!
Our home and native land
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
Car ton bras sait porter l'épée, (car tohn bwa say por-tay luh pay-uh)
Il sait porter la croix! (eel say por-tay la cwah)
Ton histoire est une épopée (ton his-twah ayt un ay-puh-pay-uh)
Des plus brillants exploits. (day plooh brill-yan zex-pwah)
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

We've also been invited to sing the US National Anthem at the 5th Grade Basketball Challenge on Friday, March 10 at 6pm (call time 5:30pm) No uniforms, SPARK wear preferred!
Star Spangled Banner Solfege Practice for harmony

Melody (starting at "And the rockets' red glare"):
F M RD T-- LT D M Fi S
SS D R M F S---- D R M F R D

Harmony (starting at "And the rockets' red glare"):
DD D R M M-- RD T D R R--
R D SS S   SF M M Fi S
SS M, S D R M----- L Fi S L F M

Music Notes: AC LGPE preparation! WRSP deadlines coming soon! 5th grade ASO field trip & Statewide Honor Chorus!

Advanced Chorus 
We have a busy, busy week that begins on Wednesday! Here are some Practice Sight Singing examples!
Wednesday 2/22: rehearsal until 4:30pm
Thursday 2/23: workshop at Mary Lin 3:30--> concert at 6pm
Friday 2/24: rehearsal until 5:00pm
Monday 2/27: rehearsal until 4:30
Tuesday 2:28: LGPE during school!  Permission form linked here!

Write, Read, Sing, Play info 
(see the next post for even more info)

Deadlines (all components must be complete by the end of class on these dates, no late work will be accepted)
Tuesday, March 7: Fellows & Naman
Wednesday, March 8: Barrett & Badger
Thursday, March 9: Smiley/Lockwood, Neal/Lockwood, Mckie, & Thurman
Friday, March 10: Latimore/Lockwood, English/Lockwood, Butler, & Redel

I will be available during the following times. I will not be available after school on Feb 22-24 (see above)
Mondays: 4th/5th Grade lunch & recess, After school until 3:30pm on March 6 only
Tuesdays: 4th/5th Grade lunch & recess. No after school tutoring
Wednesdays: Not available for tutoring during lunch/recess (SPECIALS team meeting) After school until 3:30 pm on March 1 & 8 only
Thursdays: 3rd grade lunch 10:00-10:30 am, 4th/5th grade 12:05-12:50pm After school until 3:30 on March 2 and 9 NOT Feb 23
Fridays: 3rd grade lunch 10:00-10:30 am, 4th/5th grade 12:05-12:50pm only

There are also many, many students who can coach children.There are designated coaches in every class, so if your child needs help they are welcome to ask a peer coach.

How to check off each component. Please note, students must check off the components in person with me.

WRITE: all notes, symbols, pitches, words and parts of the keyboard labelled correctly. Words must line up with the notes they go with, stems must be dogs or puppies, notes must be clearly on a line or space. Students who have not checked off the WRITE portion of the project are very late. This should have been completed by Feb. 3.

READ & SING: In order to do SING the chosen song correctly the students must READ it correctly. I'll check off both of these at the same time. Student must sing their song with correct rhythms and pitches using solfege hand signals.

PLAY: Students must play their song with correct rhythms, pitches, and hand position (see below) on a keyboard. If you do not have a keyboard there are many FREE piano apps for smartphones and tablets that students can practice on, or they may use my classroom keyboards during the tutoring times. Students may choose to play their song on additional instruments for extra credit.

Reflection: All questions on the back of the page must be answered completely.

Left hand: 5=Do  4=Re   3=Mi  2=Fa  1=Sol
Right hand:  1=Do  2=Re  3=Mi  4=Fa  5=Sol

Most of the song choices should be played with the Right Hand only. 
Songs that have La or notes below Do may require 2 hands.

Piano fingering. Finger numbers.

Image result for piano fingering charts

D major scale piano fingering, right hand. 

G major scale on piano (keyboard).

F major scale, piano fingering

5th Grade's ASO Field Trip Tweet

Statewide Elementary Honor Chorus!
Four of our fantastic fifth graders participated in GMEA's Statewide Elementary Honor Chorus Feb 17-18, performing in the Allegro choir (250 singers!) and the mass choir of Allegro + Vivace (550+ singers!!) Congratulations to Ava, Fisayo, Ruya, Leyla!


If you made it this far here is something that will make you smile--singers from Mary Lin, Morningside, SPARK, Hope-Hill, and Grady High singing the Wailin' Jennies' One Voice at the Fall Friendship Festival in September: