Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome Projects 2012

Check out these websites!

3rd Grader Nikhel K’s Reinhold Gliere website (this website is not from a template—Nikhel did all of the design himself):

4th Grader John C’s Manuel de Falla’s website:

4th Grader Lauren L’s Bright Sheng website:


First Graders working on Instrument Projects:

Second Graders working on Composer projects:

4th Grader Sadie M's sculpture of Aram Khachaturian:

3rd Grader Nicholas D's poster:

4th Grader Zach E's sabre with info about Khachaturian's Sabre Dance:

5th Grader Lauren S's PowerPoint and portrait of Scott Joplin:

4th Grader Ali's powerpoint about Manuel de Falla:

4th Grader Amelia reading her illustrated book about Aaron Copland:

4th Grader Hannah-Rose's James Price Johnson keyboard presentation:
The facts are listed under the keys!

4th Grader JT's old-school record sleeve and disc about James Price Johnson:

3rd Grader Diego's "Brain Pop" PowerPoint:

5th Grader Remy's Bright Sheng poster:

3rd Grader Julie's Khachaturian Poster:

3rd Grader Sophia's Bright Sheng PowerPoint:

3rd Grader Hannah H's Johnson Jacks cereal box:

4th Grader Emiko's Scott Joplin composer-in-a-box:

Composers in clay (from left) 4th Grade Cate's "Scott Joplin", 4th Grade Sadie's "Khachaturian",
and 5th Grade Kate's "Bright Sheng and the Dragon (because he is from China)"

3rd Graders Aiden and Allen's Bright Sheng/Aram Khachaturian interview:

4th Grader Harper's Aaron Copland video:

4th Grader Amir's James Price Johnson video:

5th Grader Franklin's Montoya, um, Moncayo video:

5th Grader Alec's "The Bright Sheng Project"

Tye's interview with composer John Williams:

More coming soon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Projects from previous years

Lucas did a standard poster with facts and pictures, but also covered the poster 
with sheet music to make it more visually interesting.

  Lucy did a tri-fold project about Charles Ives. Not only did she learn about Ives, she learned about EIGHT other composers from the US or from his time, and compared/contrasted their music with Ives's music!

Maddy did a very colorful and detailed poster. Your project can be hand-written or typed, and you can draw the composer or other visuals rather than printing pictures. 

Tyler created a fantastic comic book about the premiere of "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky. He used humor, facts, details, and had a great story line!

Alyssa did a powerpoint presentation about Antonin Dvorak, but she also sculpted the composer out of fimo clay. She included details in her sculpture, like the instruments that he liked to play, his composition activities, and he is on a podium, because Dvorak was a conductor as well as a composer.

Emiko did a lovely scrapbook about Dvorak. Each page had interesting facts and images describing his life and was beautifully arranged.