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Spring Project Options

Projects may be turned in any time before April 30th. Ms. Turgeon suggests that students should plan to turn in projects the week of April 23rd, if possible.

Please note, these projects do not need to be fancy or involved--this is just an opportunity for students to apply what they've learned in Music class.

As listed on the Music Binder form, students may choose any of the following options for their Spring Music Projects:

Music@SPARK Spring Project Options:
1. Research the history of Appalachian music and tell about its roots.
2. Make an Appalachian instrument (washtub bass, dulcimer, washboard, spoon set….) and play or accompany an entire song on it.
3. Create a project (or projects) that demonstrate that demonstrates your mastery of at least 3 of the MUSIC GPS.
4. Create a lesson connecting another subject to music (ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, PE Art, Spanish, Reading…).
5. Learn an Appalachian song from scratch (you read the notes, and rhythms, practice it, and perform it with little or no help from a coach or adult)—Ms. Turgeon has some sheet music.
6. Create a current events folder about music (collect news stories about musicians, songs, or musical performances and write a paragraph about each item).
7. TWO (reduced from 6) Weeks’ Music Journal—writing about your musical ideas, favorite music or musicians, thoughts about what you’d like to be able to do as a musician, how you think professional musicians learned their skills….
8. Spring concert project--choose from the options below (you may not repeat a project you’ve done before).
--write and memorize an intro for TWO of our songs. Include 5 facts about the song or the composer.
--Be a stage hand (non-performers only), and write a tech plan (what things need to be on stage or moved off stage during the concert) according to the program order
--Audition for a solo (from a list of possibilities) after school
--conduct a song: requires 2-3 rehearsals with Chorus
--choreograph a dance to a song and teach it to the Chorus
--Write a song or a new verse to a song we are learning
--accompany the Chorus on an instrument or play a short solo on your instrument
--Design our Appalachian Spring Concert program cover
--create 2 poster and a 1 page press release or “commercial” with the concert information—you are responsible for posting items and taking them down after the concert
--write a news article about the music that will be performed on the concert

Appalachian Spring Concert

Monday, May 7th 
Call time at 5:30pm, 
Perform at 6:00pm 

Call time 5:45pm
Perform time 6:30pm

Chorus & AC 
Appalachian Spring Concert 
Call time-->5:00pm (students may stay after school with parent note)
Perform after the Band & set change (around 7:15pm or so) in the SPARK Cafeteria! 

Click HERE for lyrics sheet Our spring concert this year will focus on folk music, dancing, and instruments from the Appalachian mountains. The students will be learning about the geology and human history of the Appalachian region (Native Americans and settlers), including how the mountain range was formed and how the mountain range played part in the pattern of settlers in America. The music of Appalachia has diverse and unique pockets of development, based on the people who settled in different areas, including people from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, and various African nations.

The website linked HERE is a clearinghouse of sheet music and tunes for lots of music. You can find Appalachian, Old Timey, Carter Family, and mountain music, notes, and tab for guitar and mandolin. These tunes can be played on any instrument. Check them out!

The video playlist below has different versions of the songs we'll be performing, but because it is folk music our versions will not be exactly like any of these--we'll make it our own!


Other Appalachian dances, how to play spoons, hambone, and juba: