Saturday, September 27, 2014

Flashcard Projects due this week!

Scroll down to the posts about the project (there are 2) for more info!

Due during the week of September 29th. Music Projects are always due on the day you come to Music. Early projects are always appreciated and earn extra points.

  • Tuesday, September 30th: Naman-4th & Butler-4th
  • Wednesday, October 1st: Mckie-5th & Southcombe-4th
  • Thursday, October 2nd: English/Badger-3rd, Windham/Badger-3rd, Hall-5th, Redel-5th
  • Friday, October 3rd: Neal/Badger-3rd, Lockwood/Badger-3rd, Thurman-4th, Riggins-5th

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Information about ASO Field Trips (as of 9/22)

Information about ASO Field Trips
Dear SPARK Community,
Since Springdale Park opened in 2009 every student has had an opportunity to go on a field trip to hear the ASO each year. A huge part of our yearly Music instruction for all grade levels is based on studying the instruments, listening to the ASO's chosen repertoire for that year, learning about composers and conducting, and how to be audience members. I have connected every part of our Georgia Performance Standards with a live performance of world-class quality, and there is simply no better way to teach children about the connections that music can make than with this type of live musical experience.
During the past 6 years we have developed relationships with the Education Department of the ASO to get Musicians to visit SPARK to play and meet with the kids, and they (the Ed folks) allowed me a chance to give feedback on how to make the concerts better and more useful for our academic teachers. Our Musicians have been stellar--giving, inviting, and supportive of our children as musicians, mentors, and coaches. They have never hesitated to bring music to our children who are the future musicians and arts patrons in Atlanta.
This year’s ASO concerts are slated to cover Second and Fourth grade Science (Space: Music of the Universe) and Fifth Grade Social studies (The History of Struggle).  Read more here:  The K & 1st Grade concert is more of a beginner’s experience in orchestral symphonic music.

 Richard Deane, ASO Horn player(on sabbatical in NYC), and SPARK Dad

Original artwork by Tyler J. (now in 6th Grade)        
The usual end-result of our orchestra/composer unit, our ASO field trip, is imperiled this year by the fact that the ASO Musicians’ contract has expired and they have been locked out (no pay, and health benefits cancelled at the end of September) by the WAC and ASO management. Because of this, not only our field trips, but part (or all) of the ASO season have, for now, been cancelled, including our October 22nd Field Trip for 2nd-4th graders.
Despite this cancellation starting in October we will begin learning about the remarkable musicians, composers, and pieces that the ASO had programmed, and complete our Composer Projects on the timelines you received already. Hopefully the concerts will be rescheduled and our students will hear pieces they’ve always wanted to hear live—“Star Wars”, The Planets by Gustav Holst, Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Space Odyssey) by Strauss and more.

The current list of concerts that will not be performed includes:
·         Opening Weekend - Sept 25, 27 and 28
·         Beethoven Symphony No. 9 – Oct 2, 4 and 5
·         Beethoven Symphony No. 6  – Oct 9 and 11
·         Lang Lang – Oct 15*
·         Ravel, Bolero – Oct 16 and 18
·         POPS!, Jason Alexander (from FRIENDS) – Oct 24 and 25
·         FAMILY, Halloween Spooktacular – Oct 25
·         Grieg Piano Concerto – Nov 6, 7 and 8
·         Cancellations include ALL field trip concerts scheduled through November 8
You can read here for more information: The ATL Musicians page: 
My work in preparing kids to be performers, listeners, supporters, and innovators is everything to me. SPARK students LOVE attending concerts at the ASO. They love learning about important music and getting to know the humans who bring the music to us in our hometown. My participation with the ASO Chorus (since 1992) feeds all that I do as a teacher and a singer and more.
The ASO has been part of our cultural scene in Atlanta for almost 70 years. Having this fantastic orchestra matters to our city, to our culture, and most importantly, to the future for our children. It is my sincere hope that these negotiations are resolved quickly and fairly to ensure that our ATL Symphnony Musicians can continue to be a world-class representation of what Atlanta has to offer.
Musically yours,
Brianne Turgeon, Music/Chorus teacher
Springdale Park Elementary

Click the links below to see the amazing work by SPARK kids, inspired by the ASO

·         ASO Composer Projects 2014
·         ASO Composer Projects 2013
·         2010 & 2011

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SPARK AC & Mary Lin Singers at the Center for Civil and Human Rights and the Virginia Highland Civic Association

More photos and video coming soon!

The AC also performed at the Virginia Highland Civic Association meeting on September 18th!

Thanks to GSU student Megan Schuitema for being our videographer!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flashcard Project Update (help topics)

We've had a ton of kids who have finished their Flashcard Project already! Yay!

If your child is having trouble finding definitions/symbols they can check the "I'm stuck" board outside the Music Room.

Here are Matthew's line and space note cards! Be sure to use a straight edge! 
Cards with wobbly lines will not be accepted!
Nice job, Matthew!

Line/Space Note Card Steps:
1. Use the template to make dashes on the sides of your cards. The template will help you make sure your lines are parallel.

2. Use a straight edge (ruler or index card) to connect the dashes to draw a staff on each of the 9 cards.
3. Draw a treble clef on the left side of the staff.
4. Put ONE note (a whole note) on each card--5 line notes and 4 space notes.
5. Put the letter name of the note on the back of the line/space note cards.

6. Fifth graders ONLY: turn the card upside down and put a BASS clef on the opposite end from the treble clef (scroll down to the next post for detailed photos).  And watch this:

Third graders created this "helper" sheet for line/space note cards during class today (then there was a fire drill, of course).

I only had ONE student who has come by for help during the Thursday help time. Please let me know if you plan to stay NEXT Thursday! It will be your last chance!