Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Composer Project Festival!

You are invited to
The First Annual
Composer Project Festival
Friday, March 30th
In the

Springdale Park Elementary Cafeteria
Featuring creative and informative projects designed by Springdale Park’s Music students, student performances, and special guests from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra!

ALL Entry forms are DUE BY Friday, March 23rd! 
No exceptions!

Students who wish to enter their project in the Festival should fill out THIS FORM 
and submit it by Friday, March 23rd! 

Students who wish to perform at the Festival should fill out THIS FORM 
and submit it by Friday, MARCH 23rd! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Georgia Student Media Festival

NEW! GSMF forms!

Media Release
Copyright Compliance
Envelope Label
Entry Form for Music projects

In order for the projects to be evaluated for the GSMF please submit the following to
Media Services:

1. Copy of the project on DVD or CD-ROM, or website URL (for websites only)
2. Entry Form (Attached)
3. Entry Label (Attached): Affixed to the outside of the envelope the submission
(CD/DVD) is packaged in
4. Signed Media Release Form (Attached)
5. Copyright Compliance Form (Attached)

Students in grades K-12 whose projects score 96 – 100 in the Georgia Student Media
Festival will be automatically entered into the International Student Media Festival

Thank you and Good Luck

Students who created websites, videos, CDs, and PowerPoint presentations may be eligible to enter the Georgia Student Media Festival. The APS deadlines are coming very soon, so please check back for particular information!  


Please check out the GSMF website for requirements, tips, and suggestions! Below are some Tips for Great Projects:

Tips for Great Projects!


  • Test your project on a variety of machines before submitting to GSMF (PC and Mac, if possible)
  • Save your project in a format that doesn't require specialized software to view
  • Be sure to embed your audio with the project - listen to your project on several different machines before sending
  • Include your Fair Use Statements, Credits, Bibliography near the beginning of your project (judges view the first 7 minutes of your project)
  • Use the best quality Audio and Video possible
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Follow Digital Safety Guidelines by not including full names in the project
  • Include Media Release form for each student in the project packet
  • Follow copyright guidelines and include permission from copyright holder

Follow Digital Safety Guidelines

Your project may be selected as a sample for the web. Do not include the last names of students on the project itself, unless there is a media release form signed by an authorized parent or legal guardian of the minor student..

Project Registration and contact information must be submitted by (date coming soon) using the navigational links to Student and Judges Registration.

All of the FORMS listed under Project Packaging must be filled out by each registrant.

Also, if you're not sure how to embed audio check out these tips!
If you want to embed audio effectively you must convert MP3s and other formats to .wav files.  There is a free converter called winff that you can download here.
Once you've converted your sound file you can edit your sound file to a shorter version (or fade in or out) using the free audio editor called Audacity. You can download Audacity  here. Sound clips of songs that are longer than 30 seconds are not allowed in the GSMF submissions, according to the "Fair Use" policy.