Music Class Grading

3rd-5th Grade

Music class grading: Students can earn 10 points each week for their daily grade (Binder info/activity and Check Yourself) for 8 weeks (80 points), plus the Music Projects are worth 15 points.  Extra credit can be earned by going above and beyond for participation, turning in early projects, or other special reasons. 

Each Quarter
My Scores
Daily Total 80 pts.

Project 15 pts.
Bonus points or
extra credit
My quarterly grade
Music Class Grading
Prepared (+5) & Participating (+5) every week
 + Quarterly Project (+15)= A

Prepared (+5) & Participating (+5) every week,
 but NO Quarterly Project = B

Unprepared and/or Not Participating, 
but turned in a Quarterly Project = B or C

                  Unprepared and/or Not Participating, and                                                                               NO Quarterly Project completed = C or lower

A basic grade in Music is a 95 (80 daily points + 15 project points) Students can get up to 100 through extra credit and extra effort.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Music Supplies 

Students need:

* binder with pockets
*lined paper
*pencils (sharpened!)
*a zippered pocket for pencils/index cards

All students do a "Check Yourself" at the end of class:

Check Yourself

5=I’m doing my best and being respectful.
I’m participating fully,and I am using correct Music vocabulary.
I understand what the lesson is about.

4=I’m doing fine, but not my best.
I’m usually on task, and I sometimes use correct Music vocabulary.
I understand what the lesson is about or I asked for help to understand.

3=I need to control myself more.
I try sometimes, OR I’m doing okay, but I should try to answer more questions.
I didn’t understand the lesson but I asked for help.

2=I’m off task most of the time.
I try a little bit. I don’t understand what the lesson is about and I did NOT ask for help.

1=I need an adult to remind me to do better.
I don’t care or try much at all.
I don’t understand what the lesson is about and I did NOT ask for help.

K-2nd Grade
Each quarter students have a long-term project that they work on as a practice at the beginning of every class. It can be a skill (finding the steady beat, singing a major scale, creating a rhythm pattern) or a task (memorizing the words to a song). Projects count 15 points toward the Music Grade.

Additionally, K-2nd Grade students complete a pre-test and post-test on Musical activities, skills, and objectives each quarter. Tests count 10 points toward the Music Grade, based on progress made throughout the quarter.

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