Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heads Up for Kids who plan to create Technology-Based Composer Projects!

As we prepare for December break I wanted to let you know about two great Technology Fairs that you can enter your Music projects into:

APS Technology Fair
Entry deadlines in late January (before the project is due!) Festival is February 2nd at Boyd Elementary:
the APS Technology Fair-->first place winners can move on to the Georgia Technology Fair

APS Student Media Festival
Deadlines in Late February (exact dates will be updated soon)
Successful projects from the APS Student Media Festival move on to-->Georgia Student Media Festival then the best projects go on to-->International Student Media Festival

See info about last year's GSMF requirements/guidelines HERE

Awesome projects and winners from last year:

Name: Nikhel Krishna
Grade: 4th Grade
School: Springdale Park Elementary
How many 4th graders know how to create a website? Nikhel not only knows how, but is an International award-winner for his talent. His website submission passed the APS Student Media Festival, went onto the Georgia Student Media Festival, and won at the International Student Media Festival (ISMF) for Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite. The site was originally created for his Composer project in Music class, where he chose to focus on Reinhold Gliere, because his teacher said it would be a challenge.
“I had a lot of fun with it,” says Nikhel. “I’m happy about the award, but I’m happier about my website because it makes me feel really accomplished.” Nikhel created the website through Google, with a little support from his parents. He will have the honor of presenting his project at the Festival in Louisville, KY in the beginning of November. His goal is to be a computer programmer like his father, and prefers to work for Apple because he likes their products and designs.
Apart from his recent achievement, Nikhel is a challenge student who excels in all of his subjects. He enjoys learning new things, and math is his favorite subject. His hobbies include baseball, soccer, and traveling to India. With a bright mind, strong skillset, studious habits, and a great smile, Nikhel Krishna is a winner in every way!
Click to view Nikhel’s website.

4th Grader John C’s Manuel de Falla’s website:

3rd Graders Aiden and Allen's Bright Sheng/Aram Khachaturian interview:

4th Grader Harper's Aaron Copland video:

4th Grader Amir's James Price Johnson video:

5th Grader Franklin's Montoya, um, Moncayo video:

5th Grader Alec's "The Bright Sheng Project"

Tye's interview with composer John Williams:

More coming soon!

3rd Grader Sophia's Bright Sheng PowerPoint:

3rd Grader Diego's "Brain Pop" PowerPoint:

4th Grader Ali's powerpoint about Manuel de Falla:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Info

Music@SPARK December Concerts!
UNIFORM for all performing groups: The Music@SPARK green polo, black pants/skirt/shorts, & black shoes. If you have not received your shirt please send in $11 in an envelope (cash or check to SPARK) to Ms. Turgeon.

Orchestra Concert
Monday, December 10th at 6pm at Mary Lin
Students should arrive dressed in the uniform at 5:30pm

Band, Advanced Chorus, & Chorus Concert
Wednesday, December 12th at 6pm
Band students perform first, then Choruses perform afterwards.
Band students should arrive at 5:30pm
Chorus students should arrive at 4:30 (or Chorus students may stay after school with a snack and their uniform)

Please bring your child dressed in uniform, fed, and on TIME!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

APS Honor Chorus Sunday, December 2nd

On Sunday the Atlanta Public Schools' Honor Groups had a concert in which several of our SPARK singers performed. They looked and sounded GREAT! Members of the APS HC are:

Emily Blackwell
Hailey Larkins-Badio
Zoe Reid
Kiki Soto
Olivia Weller
Gavin Witkowski

See below for great photos!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

ASO Study Guide and Listening Link!

This year's ASO Concert will feature music from different eras in American history:
1400 > Early American Indian.
1492 > Early Settlers .
1782 > The Revolutionary War .
1783 > American Independence.
1790 > Post-Revolutionary War .
1800 > The Start of Western Expansion.
1860 > The First Industrial Revolution .
1861 > The Civil War.
1866 > Reconstruction .
1893 > A New Century.
1930 > Early 20th Century America .
1950 > Post-WWII .
1970 > The Civil Rights Era .
1971 > Modern U.S. History.
2000 > The Rock/Pop Movement .
2000 > Contemporary America.
The Future of Music—featuring music of a student composer from Atlanta!

Check out the listening guide and listening links below.
Listening Link

Study Guide

Also, be sure to check back here regularly--Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students will be receiving information about the Composer Project this month with some brand new options!! Yaaaaay!

You can advance to the next video by clicking the forward button below OR you can pop out to YouTube to see the playlist by clicking the YouTube logo. Please be aware, however, that Ms. Turgeon cannot control the "suggested videos" or comments left by other viewers. Parental discretion is advised.

Attached you will find the permission form to print and send [removed for faster page loading 1/30], and you may choose to pay for the trip at the “Pay Fees Online” link on the SPARK website, by check made out to Springdale Park, or by cash in an envelope with your child’s name and homeroom on it. Please return permission slip and payment (if you didn’t pay online) to your child’s homeroom teacher.

The deadline for payment is December 18th. Please let Ms. Turgeon know if there is a problem with that deadline.