Saturday, March 30, 2013

ASO Composer Project Winners!

Thanks to our Performers who made our event even more special!

Henry's Green Day Tribute 

Sadie (Birthday Girl!) and Harper's Violin/Viola duet

Lots of students had the chance to present their projects to our audience:

Amara's Dvorak Presentation

Lucy and Gio's Joseph Brackett Presentation

Abby's Aaron Copland Presentation


ONLINE VOTING First Place Winners
Video: Harper
Performance: Shaam
PowerPoint: Jack W.

Judges' Choice & Kids' Choice were combined for the following:

First Place: Claire & Kelly
Second Place: Diego
Third Place: Elizabeth I.

Third Place: Jayda--Duke Ellington 


First Place: Eryn & Kinsley--Duke Ellington 

Second Place: Annie L.--Morton Gould 

Third Place: Drew G.--Duke Ellington (poster/sculpture)

Honorable Mention
Gigi--Klaus Badelt (pirate map/presentation)

Noel--Duke Ellington (trifold poster)
(photo coming soon)

Teresa & Callan--Aaron Copland (Poster)
(photo coming soon) 

First Place: Katya H.--Aaron Copland (interactive poster)

Second Place: Ali & Emiko--Aaron Copland (PowerPoint/Simple Gift box)

Special Design Award: Nikhel--Aaron Copland (website)

Special thanks to our judges from the Atlanta community and for all of the families who came out to support our festival!
Deep thanks to the students whose hard work made this event necessary and successful!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Composer Project Voting!

Official voting IS NOW CLOSED.  You may still view the projects, but votes have been tallied.

All of these projects will be available for viewing at the ASO Composer Project Festival on March 29th from 4-6pm.

                                           Ali and Emiko's Part 2/2

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to use Music Vocabulary to Describe Music

While you are listening to music (any style!) ask yourself/answer the following questions:

  1. Is the beat steady or changing?
  2. Does the rhythm have long held out notes or quick-moving notes? Does it have sounds and silences?  Are there repeated patterns? Is it syncopated? Is it predictable? Does it feel steady or skipping?
  3. Identify the tempo: largo, adagio, andante, moderato, allegro, presto. Does it change?
  4. Identify the meter: duple meter (walking), triple meter (swinging)
  5. Identify the dynamics: pianissimo—piano—mezzo piano—mezzo forte—forte—fortissimo Do the dynamics change (crescendo, decrescendo)?
  6. Identify the timbre: string, woodwind, brass, percussion, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, man, woman, child(ren)

Can you name all of the musical symbols you see below?

Friday, March 8, 2013

ASO Composer Project Festival 2013

On Friday, March 29th from 4:00-6:00pm we will be hosting our second annual ASO Composer Project Festival. All SPARK students completed a research project focusing on the instruments, music, historical eras, and composers they would hear on their field trip to hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra on January 29th. Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students will have an opportunity to enter their project into the Composer Project Festival for judging with prizes being awarded for the best overall, the most creative, and the most informative projects.

Because there are so many eligible projects, and to avoid overwhelming the guest judges, we will have two categories: Kids' Choice and Judges' Choice. Projects will be classified as Kids' Choice or Judges' Choice by a sticker vote during school between March 20-23.

I would like for this to be an elegant event, so I am requesting for participants to wear Symphony-appropriate attire.

Students who earned a 14 or higher on their ASO Project are encouraged to enter, as are students who wish to improve their projects for this event. You may enter your project even if you are unable to attend the event on March 29th.

Some projects have already been selected by Ms. Turgeon for this event. Students with "automatic entry" projects will be notified by March 15th.

Techonology Projects: We can accept a maximum of 10 PowerPoints, 5 Websites, and 5 Video projects, so please be sure to get your application in soon! 

Please submit your application (linked below) by March 22nd!

Students who would like to perform their musical project are encouraged to sign up for a performance time:


Photos from Last Year

 Guest Performers and Judges from the ASO 2012
Denise Smith, ASO First Violin; Paul Murphy, ASO Associate Principal Viola;
Olga Shpitko, ASO First Violin 

Far right: Janice Crews, ASO Professional Learning Teaching Artist 
and Ahmad Mayes, Manager of Community Programs
 Photos courtesy of ASO Photographer Jeff Roffman