Chorus & Advanced Chorus Practice Links and Concert Videos

First Semester Performances (Full year DRAFT is HERE)
Scroll down for Practice videos, etc.
AC & interested Chorus Members
Saturday, August 26 8am-12pm
Perform for the Educators Open House at the Center for Civil and Human Rights
We’ll sing 15-25 minute sets at 9am, 10:30am, and noon, then do sing alongs and offer to teach guests the songs on the half hour times. It’s not necessary for your child to stay the entire time, but we’d love to have them if they can drop by!
Wednesday, September 13 perform for Principals' Meetup during Lunch Details coming soon

Thursday, September 14 time Call time 6:00pm, perform 6:45pm-7:00pm
Perform for the Virginia Highland Civic Association Annual Meeting
Thursday, September 28  4-6pm drop off & warmup                  6pm concert 
Grady Cluster's Elementary Chorus Fall Friendship Festival at Grady High School 
The main reason for the Fall Friendship Festival is for our elementary Chorus members to get to know some kids from our sister schools and see the ensembles they could participate in at Inman and Grady.  Chorus members from Hope/Hill, Mary Lin, Morningside, and SPARK will meet to play games, learn some songs together.
Any Interested 4th/5th graders
Fri/Sat Oct 27-28 5th District Elementary Honor Chorus at Grace UMC
Ms. Turgeon can register up to 6 singers to participate in this two day workshop and performance. Singers will rehearse with a regionally known Chorus clinician and perform with some of the best elementary singers in the Atlanta area! Let Ms. Turgeon know if your child is interested! Registration is $40, and you must transport your child (or arrange carpool) to the venue for the rehearsals and event.

Saturday, December 2 1:00-3:00pm Virginia Highland Tour of Homes Caroling. All Chorus/AC are welcome to drop in!

Tuesday, December 19 call time 4:30pm, concert at 6pm in the Mary Lin Auditorium. SPARK, Mary Lin, Hope Hill & MES Grady Bunch Winter Chorus Concert
  • Other possibilities (not yet confirmed):
    • October SPARK Family Science Night
    • December gig at the Governor's Mansion
    • Georgia Music Educators Association Inservice Conference lobby performers Jan 25 or 26
    • March: SPARK Art Show
    • APS Board Meeting
    • Other gigs as we are invited
    • National Anthem: Atlanta Braves, GSU basketball, or Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball Game
    • Performing a 5 minute show before an Atlanta Hawks Game
    • Street Performance before an Atlanta United game (GCMC only)

Upcoming Gig video practice links:

Star Spangled Banner Solfege Practice for harmony

Melody (starting at "And the rockets' red glare"):
F M RD T-- LT D M Fi S
SS D R M F S---- D R M F R D

Harmony (starting at "And the rockets' red glare"):
DD D R M M-- RD T D R R--
R D SS S   SF M M Fi S
SS M, S D R M----- L Fi S L F M

Principals' Meeting and Virginia Highland Songs (AC Sept 13 & 14) & Friendship Festival (AC and Chorus Sept 28) lyric sheets here:

Our 2017 LGPE performance! Great job, singers! You worked very hard!

Star Spangled Banner and Lift Every Voice and Sing

Some game songs: Great Big House, Tideo, Rocky Mountain, Lil' Liza Jane, Who Stole My Chickens

Plus: Keep Your Lamps, The Owls, and Open the Window (see below)

1. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning arranged by Greg Gilpin

 Keep Your Lamps is about being ready to take action. 

"Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning"  click for a PDF of the music

Although there is little historical evidence to support this idea, Spirituals such as “Keep Your Lamps!” may have been used by the Underground Railroad to conceal secret codes or messages.  In this context, a slave has to maintain vigilance and watch for a conductor (a person in the Underground Railroad, who moves people to new locations).  “Children, don’t get weary ‘til your work is done,” could refer to the arduous work involved in abolishing slavery, or towards the long journey and frequent stops at safe-houses that a runaway slave would endure while traveling to a free state.  “Christian journey soon be over,” might be a reference to heaven, or to the sentiment that even death would be a welcome deliverance from slavery.

2. The Owls click for audio
click for pdf of the music

The Owls is about an owl hunting for prey for his babies to eat.

"The Owls"

In the moonlit wood where the old tree stood
With its trunk all hollow and its twisted limbs
Alone i crept with the sky all swept
By the flying clouds with their silver rims;
On velvet wings i saw him glide,
And with a haunted voice he cried:


From a tree nearby with its arms in the sky
As i looked for his mate in the woody dark,
Tiny squeaks from hungry beaks
Betray'd the nest deep in the bark.
An answer came from the leafy hide,
As with a haunted voice she cried:


The murder foul, the hunting owl
Then swoop'd and snatch'd his furry prey;
Rose in the air and flew to where
His mate was still and silver grey.
The young were fed and the owls with pride
Triumphantly together cried:

To whoo------------
To whoo-----------------------

Open the window, children
Open the window, now
Open the window children
Open the window, let the dove fly in
1)Mama and Papa are fighting like snakes
2) Baby is a-cryin' like her heart will break
3) Neighbors lock their doors build fences so high
4) Don't see what's to discover on the other side

5) There're borders 'round the countries, borders 'round the skies
6) The only border close you in is the border 'round your mind!
7) Some people have money some people have none
8) What use is having money if your heart's gone numb?

9)This big old world's in a great big mess

ALL) Let's open the window, find peace and rest

Friendship Festival Songs:

I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends
One Voice
Night Blooming Jasmine
The Owls (AC)
Counting Stars

Chorus and AC at the Center for Civil and Human Rights

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Call time 8am Performances at 9am, 10:30am, and noon

Download Civil and Human Rights Song Lyrics HERE

  • CCHR Practice videos
Songs to be chosen from:
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round
America the Beautiful
De Colores
Free at Last
Have Some Love
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin'
Lift Every Voice and Sing
Oh Freedom!
Open the Window
Saints/Swing Low/This Train Shumayela
The Star Spangled Banner
This Land is Your Land
Wade/Motherless/Die Easy
We Shall Overcome
What’s Goin’ On
Woke Up This Morning

Our 2017 LGPE performance! Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burnin' begins at 3minutes.

Shumayela (with dance explained) from B Unis on Vimeo.

Lift Ev'ry Voice sheet music, info, and history

Singabahambayo with harmony

Movement videos:

Previous Years' info:

Other songs:
·         When I Rise Up Text by Wendell Berry
·         Pala Pala Argentinian dance song
·         Dance of the Nations
·         Nobody Liked her But Me, based on a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
·         Cirandiero Portuguese folk song/dance
·         Allunde Alluia Swahili lullabye
The Time of My Life by David Cook (5th graders featured)

Dreams has poetry by Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes.

by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is like a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

The Little Birch Tree is a folk song that honors birch trees through creating musical instruments from the branches--three silver flutes and a balalaika.

Little Birch Tree

See the little birch in the meadow,
see the leaves all dancing when the wind blows. 
Loo-lee-loo, when the wind blows,
Loo-lee-loo, when the wind blows.

From the little tree take 3 branches,
make three silver flutes from silver branches.
Loo-lee-loo,silver branches,
Loo-lee-loo, silver branches.

See the leaves all dancing
see the leaves all dancing now!

From the branch I'll carve a balalaika
with my flute I'll play my balalaika.
Loo-lee-loo, balalaika,
Loo-lee-loo, balalaika.

As I play my tingling balalaika,
I will think of you, my little birch tree.
Loo-lee-loo, little birch tree,
Loo-lee-loo, little birch tree.

Ms. Turgeon's perpetual comments;
  • looooonnnnng phrases
  • ending consonants
  • show the music on your face
  • tall mouth (ever heard that one before?)
  • pay attention to your sound placement in your head (forward? up? back?)
  • mean what you sing
  • sight sing with hand signals and subdividing the beat (try out the examples Caroline gave you)
  • watch out for treachery (dotted rhythms, half notes, skips then steps or steps then skips, rests get full duration)
  • I'm so, so lucky to be your teacher. Y'all are amazing. 

Sunday, March 12 Canadian Anthem at the Gladiators 
ALL Chorus, AC, and 4th and 5th Graders are invited to sing the English/French version of "O, Canada" at the Gladiators game! This is a fundraiser for the Chorus and AC, so the more fans we bring the more money we earn! Bring your friends (who know the song)!
AC and Chorus expected, ALL 4th and 5th graders are invited

O Canada!
Our home and native land
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
Car ton bras sait porter l'épée, (car tohn bwa say por-tay luh pay-uh)
Il sait porter la croix! (eel say por-tay la cwah)
Ton histoire est une épopée (ton his-twah ayt un ay-puh-pay-uh)
Des plus brillants exploits. (day plooh brill-yan zex-pwah)
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

How we can improve for Chorus/AC? Kids' answers

1.       Practice lyrics
2.       Blend voices together (make your voice match in the group, don’t sing too loud or soft)
3.       Make sure the melody and harmony is balanced.
4.       Use head voice instead of chest voice
5.       Unify choreography and posture
6.       Vertical mouth instead of horizontal mouth
8.       Suppress coughs when possible
9.       Be sure you practice correct pitches and rhythms until they are perfect

Ms. Turgeon's perpetual comments;
  • looooonnnnng phrases
  • TALL Mouth
  • ending consonants
  • show the music on your face
  • tall mouth (ever heard that one before?)
  • pay attention to your sound placement in your head (forward? up? back?)
  • mean what you sing
  • sight sing with hand signals and subdividing the beat 
  • watch out for treachery (dotted rhythms, half notes, skips then steps or steps then skips, rests get full duration)
  • I'm so, so lucky to be your teacher. Y'all are amazing. 

Nobody Liked Her But Me  Indianapolis Children's Choir conducted by Ruth Dwyer


All performances by Music@SPARK's Chorus & AC (I think):

All LGPE performances from 2013, 2914, 2015, and 2016

Our concert from 12/3/2015 at Grady!

      Grady Cluster Fall Friendship Festival 2015

      Virginia Highland Civic Association 2014


      December Audio files and videos--downloadable practice tracks for 

      LGPE 2014 Tips from Daniel and Caroline:


      • keep nice tall, clear Latin vowels (ah, eh, ee, oh, oo) and make s tiny. Ellide=connect the s to the next word: e-is requiem=  eh-eee   sRE-qui-em

      PEE-eh YEH-soo DOh-mee neh 
      DOh-nah  EH ee  sREH-quee-ehm

      SEhm-pee-TEh-nam  REH-quee-ehm 

      ....and so on

      • Quiet or light singing should not be breathy or weak (put in more energy)
      • Loo Loo parts-->light and energetic and in tune (did you notice the piano plays your exact same pitches??)  Let Zoie be heard. Yay, Zoie!
      • support your sound with breath and keep the inside of your mouth tall


      • Beach ball for pitch and breathing
      • breathe in through the vowel you're going to sing
      • don't slide into a pitch  (end of Pie Jesu--"re-qui-em")
      • sing as a group, not as an individual
      • TALL inside your mouth sound
      • sing the meaning of the words. Love the words and express them.
      • consonants can make things better (STorm, shaKe, Can, keeP) or worse (haRRmony)
      • No pirate choir (minimize R)
      • every long note should have a shape (baby iguana breath)

        Pie Jesu Audio for practicing 

        Dear Queen of Chorus, 
        Here you go!
        The Benevolent Dictator of Chorus

        Parents! Please make sure your singer is practicing and ready for the next events!! I improved the layout of this page so things are easier to find! All Chorus/AC performances from any year at SPARK are on a playlist near the bottom of this page!

          Thursday, October  Family STEAM Night (schedule coming soon)
          Do you love Science? Do you love to sing? Be part of 
          Family STEAM Night Performances on October 20!
          Students will perform sets throughout the night, so students will be able to go to sessions and choose which times they’d like to perform.

          REHEARSAL: On Thursday, October 6 Ms. Turgeon will host any 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who wish to learn songs to perform during Family STEAM Night!  3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be called to the Music room after dismissal on Thursday.

          Post-rehearsal pickup will be at the Briarcliff lot:
          ·         3rd graders will be released at 3:30pm
          ·         4th & 5th graders will be released at 4:30pm

          Be sure to send a note/email to your child’s homeroom teacher and Ms. Turgeon for your transportation change!

          Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary

          STEAM Night Lyric Sheet

          Practice videos:



          1. Ms.Turgeon can you put any LGPE music on the blog for me?
            The Queen of Chorus

            1. Done! I'll be adding to the LGPE playlist as I find good examples of recordings. Thank you for checking! You're awesome! <3

          2. Are regular performing chorus (not AC) members invited to do the caroling on Dec 5? If so, can you provide information on when and where to show up?

            Chloe Whitney-Harris' mom

            1. YES! I will have a sheet of info for any interested kids tomorrow (Thursday), but basically we'll be in front of an establishment on Virginia. I'd love for Chloe to come! And bring friends!

          3. Hello, this is Lauren. I love you as a teacher, and I know that I have missed or left a few rehearsals, but I just want you to know that I hope you don't think of me as a member of AC and Chorus that I don't want to be there. I love Chorus, and I want to stay. Forever. It makes me a better singer, with your help. Thank you for having me.

            1. Hi Lauren, I can't tell you how much your note means to me, and I'm sure your AC team appreciates your dedication. I am grateful for your hard work and your dedication to AC, and I'm so lucky to have you as a student. Together we will continue to make lovely, exciting, fulfiling music!

          4. Hey Ms.Turgeon, How's the year going? Do you miss me? ;)

            1. Of course I miss you. You are such a great, funny, talented person. I'm so glad you're still making music with Ms. Smith and Ms. Mobley. But yeah, I miss you. Come visit!