Monday, March 28, 2011

Oye Concert info, videos, and links

Select Chorus members will perform at the CINS Grant Showcase at Grady High School Auditorium
Wednesday, May 4th at 7:00pm

Why? Ms. Turgeon wrote a grant for funding for the music and instruments to be used on our spring concert called ¡Oye!

SPRING CONCERT: Monday, May 16th at SPARK

Orchestra concert 5:30pm in the Cafeteria

Set change (move chairs/stands/risers)--we need volunteers!

Chorus concert 6:00pm in the Cafeteria

Ribbon Cutting 6:45pm by the Playground

Band Concert 7:00pm beside the Hirsch House

How to play the CAJON

Videos for our songs:


El Pambiche Lento

Pala Pala (dance)

De Colores


Oye Como Va

Click HERE for the link to lyrics.