Saturday, September 28, 2013

Music Deadlines!

Don't forget to order your Gwinnett Gladiators tickets for October 19th. If you'd like your tickets delivered to the school send your order to Ms. Turgeon by Tuesday, October 1st, otherwise you can order online and pick up your tickets at Will Call.
Go to:
USE CODE: SPRK1019 Tickets will be available at Will Call on game night
Premium/Corner Seats _______ x $15 = ______
Save $3 off of the Day of Game Walk up Prices

Also, the Music Card Project is due this week:

Smiley & Riggins Due Oct. 1st

English, Windham/Thurman B, Hall, Lockwood
Due Oct. 3rd

Badger, Naman/Thurman A, Butler*, Redel
Due Oct. 4th

*Your child should turn in the following in a baggie with their name & homeroom teacher's name:
  • Vocabulary Cards (word & number, definition in a complete sentence, & *symbols, student name on each card)
  • Line and Space note cards (a staff with a treble clef on each card, one note per card on each line and space note)
  • Reflection Sheet (reflecting on GPS progress & other questions)
All of this information was reviewed in class last week.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Advanced Chorus Invited to Sing at the Gwinnett Gladiators' OPENING WEEKEND!

And some comments about last year's performance from the President of the Gwinnett Gladiators, Steve Chapman:

"...I wanted to congratulate you and your chorus on your performance this past Saturday [January 2013]. I have been involved in professional hockey for twenty years. I have heard the Canadian National Anthem performed hundreds of times. The [Springdale] Park Elementary Choir performance was truly one of the best renditions that I have ever heard. It was excellent.

I am not Canadian, but having grown up with hockey, the song has a special place in my heart. We have it performed or played at our games to honor our team members that are Canadian. I can tell you that - to a man - each and every one of them was impressed with the performance.

I hope that you bring your choir back to join us in the future and, honestly, I hope that you continue to sing the Canadian anthem as it is a pleasure to listen to your choir perform it..."

My best,


Steve Chapman
Gwinnett Gladiators Hockey

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Music@SPARK Shirt Update

After many years of great service from Titan Team Sports (owned by former MES parents Bud and Kay Libman) we have decided to use our own SPARK family’s embroidery business—Squeegee Sharks, owned by Angela and Doug Monje!

We will keep our same great logo, but we will be phasing in a lighter colored green shirt called Irish Green.  If you have a Forest Green (dark) Music@SPARK shirt you DO NOT NEED to re-order, but you are welcomed to. This year’s ensembles will have kids wearing both shades of green, phasing in for next year in which all SPARK ensembles will have the Irish Green shirt. We still have many Forest Green shirts available, and they will be on sale for a reduced price.

Irish Green modeled by Lucy
Hunter Green modeled by Madeline

All new shirts ordered this year will be Irish Green, so if you have already placed an order this year you’re all set. If you would like to order an Irish Green Music@SPARK shirt, please go to the blog link online (shirt ordering at the bottom of the form)  OR send in a note to Ms. Turgeon with the information below in an envelope:

  • ·         Student’s name and Homeroom teacher’s name:
  • ·         Parent’s name:
  • ·         Student’s Music@SPARK shirt size: Youth=XS (4) S(6-8)  M(10-12) L(14-16) XL(18-20) or adult size _____
  • ·         Amount enclosed: cash /check/Scholarship requested
Remember our Music@SPARK performance uniform for Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and AC is the Music@SPARK polo, black pants/skirt/shorts, and black shoes. Please ensure that your child is ready to perform in style!