About Ms. Turgeon

"If arts have a place in society, they must be a part of a community. To be an artist is not the privilege of a few, but the necessity of us all." –Robert Lawson Shaw

 When I was a kid Music class consisted largely of rote learning, memorization, and a big program at the end of the year in which everyone stood onstage and simply echoed what they had been “taught”. 

This probably explains why so many adults nowadays don’t consider themselves "musical"--because they never really got to find out what their talents were OR they were told “just mouth the words” if they didn’t sound perfect. Other adults may have enjoyed Music class and may have even played in Band, Chorus, or Orchestra, but once they realized they were not “musicians” they quit trying to be musical.  The U.S. is sadly unique in the numbers of adults that do not participate in some sort of musical activity (even just for fun) throughout life. 

Thankfully, Modern Elementary Music is based on deeper music literacy and understanding—kids should be learning how to: sing & dance, play instruments, read and write music, improvise, compose, listen to and analyze music, and to connect music to other subjects, places, and eras. My goal is to help your child become as musical as possible in as many ways as possible by the time s/he leaves Springdale Park. 

I hope each child will find many talents and explore all avenues of music so that once they leave elementary school they will sustain an understanding and love of Music for the rest of their lives. But I also aspire to support the work that students do in their other classes, so some of the activities we do in Music (taking notes, creating flashcards, completing a research project and designing presentations) will connect to things outside of Music.  Not every child will want to be a singer or instrumentalist or performer, but every child can learn how to improve their skills, to understand more, to read basic notation, and even compose music. The great part is Music connects to just about everything, so we can learn just about anything in Music! 

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Awards, Leadership, & Recognition:

Springdale Park Elementary's Teacher of the Year 2014 
APS Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Committee 2014-2016
APS Fine Arts Support Teacher (FAST), Elementary Team
Atlanta Families' Award for Excellence in Education Winner's Circle 2013
Voting Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammy Academy)
Presenter at ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers)
Coordinated student performances at the Center for Civil and Human Rights Teacher Open House

Other Awards/Recognition:

Springdale Park Specials Team Leader & School Instructional Lead Teacher (SILT) 2009-2014
Member of the Awards Day Committee (2009-present)
Received grants from DonorsChoose: String Things 1 (August 2015) and String Things 2 (October 2015)--Ukuleles and supplies; The Composer Connection (August 2015) Android Tablets, Chromebooks, and an 8-track audio recorder/mixer; Hands and Eyes on Music (October 2015) Hands-on materials for composing and pocket charts
PTO Grant: Ukulele books and materials (October 2015)
Recipient of CINS Awards 2010 (Oye), 2008 (Guitar Heroes and American Tunes)
Morningside Elementary Leadership Team (2007-2009)
NARAS Grammy Award Winner (with ASO Chorus): 
1998, Adams: Harmonium / Rachmaninov
         Best Choral Performance 
1999, Barber: Prayers of Kierkegaard / Bartók: Cantata profana / Vaughan Williams: Dona nobis pacem 
        Best Classical Album 
        Best Choral Performance 
2003, Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony 
       Best Classical Album 
       Best Choral Performance  
2005, Berlioz: Requiem  
       Best Choral Performance 

C.J. Hicks Elementary Teacher of the Year 2006

Jackson High School STAR Teacher 1997 (Katie Niles) and 1998 (Christopher Hughes)


  1. you know me your student kaetlan in ms. mailmans class that joins miss berrys... i think that ur a great music teacher and have an amazing voice Love,Kaetlan Brannock :)

    1. Hi Kaetlan! Thank you for your sweet words! I got this message in May (many months after you left it!). Thank you for being a sweet and attentive student!