Thursday, January 5, 2012

ASO World of Music Repertoire

Below are videos of each piece the ASO will play during the February 8th Field Trip, and they represent the composers that students may choose from for the Composer Project. The videos play one after another, and you can advance to the next video by pressing the forward button. Parental Guidance is advised when going to YouTube independently.

(click the "forward" > button to advance to the next video)

Second, Third, and Fifth Grade (Fourth Grade attended in November): Wednesday, February 8th at 11:40 am revised time!
Russia: KHACHATURIAN: Sabre Dance from Gayane
Spain: FALLA: Dance of the Miller’s Wife from Three Cornered Hat
Mexico: MONCAYO: Huapango
China: GLIERE: Chinese Dance from The Red Poppy
SHENG: From the Mountains from Postcards
America: COPLAND: Hoedown from Rodeo
JOPLIN: The Entertainer
TRADITIONAL NEW ORLEANS JAZZ: When the Saints Go Marching In
(FORTHCOMING): Touch of Jazz
JOHNSON: Drums, a Symphonic Poem (I couldn't find videos of this one, so I included some others by James P. Johnson)