Thursday, August 20, 2015

Flashcard Project information!

FREE POINT! Get your parent to sign your Project Sheet and get 1 free extra credit point!

Download the Flashcard Project Sheet HERE

During First Quarter all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will complete the Music Flashcard Project--the hard-copy of the word list and GPS goal sheet/reflection is coming home this week.

Deadline for Flashcard Projects 2015 will be during the week of September 28th. 
Music Projects are always accepted any time up until the deadline on the day you come to Music. Early projects are always appreciated and earn extra points. Late projects lose 2 points for every school day (not just the Music day) the work is late. Music project grades ALWAYS include the project itself AND the completed Project Sheet.

Tuesday, September 29th: Naman-4th & Thurman-4th
Wednesday, September 30st: Butler 4th & Southcombe-4th
Thursday, October 1st: Badger/Lockwood-3rd, English/Lockwood-3rd, Mckie-5th, Redel-5th
Friday, October 2nd: Latimore/Lockwood-3rd, Neal/Lockwood/-3rd, Hall-5th, Riggins-5th

Students will officially have 4-5 weeks to complete this work. Students should plan to work on quarterly Music projects for about 30 minutes a week. It's best to plan your Music workday the same day as Music class. 

 If you are having trouble, or if you need help ASK MS. TURGEON or a classmate you can trust! 

The flashcard project is an opportunity for students to develop better dictionary and paraphrasing skills, learn music vocabulary, practice using a straight edge to draw a staff, and create a toolbox that will help them learn proper music terminology, symbols, and notes on a staff. 

You can use any online kids' Music dictionary:
More advanced dictionaries, if you want a challenge:

If Fourth and Fifth Graders have their cards from last year they may re-use them if they are in good condition and meet the requirements below (which are the same as last year).

Line/Space Note Card Tips:
  • Use a straight edge and try to make all cards look as consistent as possible (same width of lines, etc). Cards done without a straight edge will have to be re-done.
  • Each card should have a treble clef and a whole note on each line or space, as pictured below.
  • The back of the card should have the letter name for each line or space note. Be consistent so that when you flip the card the answers will always be in the same area of the back of the card.
  • Don't use the LINED side of your cards--it will make your staff lines look blurry.
  • Line notes (from bottom to top): E-G-B-D-F  Space notes: F-A-C-E

Front of cards

with a few cards flipped over so you can see the answers

Fifth Graders will have reversible cards--from one direction they will be Treble Clef cards, and Bass Clef when turned the other way.

Treble Clef: Line notes (from bottom to top): E-G-B-D-F  Space notes: F-A-C-E
Bass Clef: Line notes (from bottom to top): G-B-D-F-A Space notes: A-C-E-G

On the answer side be sure to show if the answer is for Treble or Bass Clef

Here are some fun worksheets to help you practice note identification!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Welcome to Music@SPARK for 2015-2016

Music Class
What do 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders need for Music?
4th/5th graders may re-use their Music binder from last year (binders or envelopes, please, not floppy folders). Students must bring the following to Music every week.

  • 3 ring binder
  • 10-15 sheets of paper in rings
  • 3 ring binder pencil pouch with
    • 2-3 sharpened pencils
    • last year's flashcards (4th/5th)
    • 15-20 index cards

Rulers and pencil sharpeners are not requested.
Image result for 3 ring pencil bag

If you wish to begin the First Quarter Flashcard Project feel free to get started! I updated last year's post with this year's deadlines.

Students will complete one Music project each quarter

Each project is given 5-6 weeks before the deadline for submission. Students should plan to spend about 30 minutes a week on Music practice or projects.

First Quarter--Flashcard Project (vocabulary and note identification) deadline in late September

Second Quarter--ASO Composer Project (music history, vocabulary acquisition, research skills, creative product) deadline in late November
Third Quarter--Write, Read, Sing, Play (musical skill application) deadline in late Feburary
Fourth Quarter--Somewhere in Time deadline in early May

Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and AC

kids can:
  1. Participate in EITHER Band, Orchestra (but not both)
  2. Participate in NEITHER Band or Orchestra but will go to Extra Spanish/Homeroom during this slot

  1. Participate in EITHER AC (Fridays after school until 4:30pm) or Chorus (during the school day) as a Performer which takes place during regular music specials weekly (and additional practice if AC or Performer is chosen)
  2. Non-Performer--learns songs in Music but does not perform.
We will have a Music@SPARK Informational Meeting about Band,
Orchestra, and Chorus/AC on Wednesday, August 12 beginning at 5:30pm 

Band will meet in the Music room (Band parents who have Chorus/AC singers will stay after the Band meeting for general info)
Orchestra will meet in the Hirsch house (Orchestra parents who have Chorus/AC singers will come to the Music room for general info after the Orchestra meeting is done).

You may indicate your choices here:
Complete the 4th and 5th Grade Ensemble Survey Here!

PRINT the Ensemble Choice Form HERE!

Please welcome our new Band teacher, Ms. Sandy Wade! 

Ms. Wade and Ms. Valkova will be serving SPARK, Mary Lin, Morningside, and Hope-Hill, thanks to the support and advocacy of our Grady cluster parents and administrators!

Fourth Graders at SPARK have several choices to make for Music. 

5th graders who were in Band or Orchestra last year will be automatically re-enrolled in their chosen ensemble. Any changes require a parental note indicating this year's selections; however, switching from Band to Orchestra (or vice versa) is not permitted. The Music@SPARK staff encourages all students to stick with their choices and really give their training their best effort throughout Fourth and Fifth grades!

Ensemble Descriptions:
See the tabs at the top of the page for videos of performances by each ensemble!

  • Band--choose from Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, and some percussion
  • Orchestra--choose from Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass
  • Extra-- Attends Extra Spanish on Mondays and Homeroom on Wednesdays or Fridays
  • Advanced Chorus --Performs with the Chorus AND attends after school rehearsals on Fridays until 4:30pm
  • Chorus Performer--Learns Chorus music during Music Class or Monday Chorus rehearsal, performs in concerts
  • Chorus Non-Performer--Learns Music during Music Class, but does not choose to perform

The Music@SPARK performance uniform for Band, Orchestra and Chorus is:

    • The Green Music@SPARK polo
    • black dress pants/skirt/shorts (uniform bottoms from French Toast is preferred, but not required)
    • black dress shoes/socks

    Monday, May 25, 2015

    Year in Review 2014-2015 and Photos from the Way Back Machine

    May 2015

    Photos coming soon (I hope):
    Band Concert, May 4
    Orchestra Concert May 6
    Orchestra Cluster Concert May 12
    Chorus/AC Concert Sing for Your Life May 19

    The following videos are courtesy of Caroline Goldstein:

    Pie Jesu from Faure Requiem:

    Game Songs (Great Big House, Lil' Liza Jane, Rocky Mountain, Tideo, & Sail Away, Ladies)

    Porche Gig May 6

    March 2015
    Kahoot School Wide Champion
    Virginia Laster

    APS EC Fest in March

    Write, Read, Sing, Play Project
    February 2015
    AC Rocks LGPE in February

     ALL 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders go to the ASO

    January 2015
    Gladiators Game

    The Keyboard power cords arrive!!

    Composer Project Sticker Voting

    Does anyone have Band or Chorus/AC photos?

    November 2014
    Embedded image permalink
    AC sings at ECET2ATL at the W Hotel in November
    (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers)
    October 2014
    5th District Honor Chorus (can you see Parker?)

    Ben Folds Speaks at the National Association for Music Educators in Nashville

    And there was hockey! Go Preds!

    Ms. Turgeon celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with Sean (and Elvis!) then went ziplining!

    A creative Flashcard Project

    September 2014
    ASO Musicians were locked out
    The lockout ended in November and the season progressed, thankfully

    Spark and Mary Lin sing at the Center for Civil and Human Rights
    Educators Open House in September
    Set list and notes for CCHR gig





    AC sings at Virginia Highland Civic Association in September

    Our Student Teacher, Megan Schuitema :)  Ms.Schuitema was at SPARK during first semester, and continued her final student teaching with a fantastic high school chorus director Mr. Drew Bowers at Milton High School. She graduated from GSU Summa Cum Laude "with highest distinction" in May 2015! Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of Music teachers!!

    August 2015
    Spanish project diagram of the Music room

    A double rainbow over SPARK


    Before getting settled in (HUGE thanks to Jen Hardwick and Nadia Aziz for helping so much and not judging me for being a Music teacher hoarder)

    Pictures from the Way Back Machine
    Julia's No Place for Hate/No Name Calling week 2012

    Next year's rising 5th graders from when they were in 1st grade!

    Some of our Legacy class as 2nd graders

    Maria and Ethan

    Annie and Samuel

    Gigi and Everett