Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heads Up for Kids who plan to create Technology-Based Composer Projects!

As we prepare for December break I wanted to let you know about two great Technology Fairs that you can enter your Music projects into:

APS Technology Fair
Entry deadlines in late January (before the project is due!) Festival is February 2nd at Boyd Elementary:
the APS Technology Fair-->first place winners can move on to the Georgia Technology Fair

APS Student Media Festival
Deadlines in Late February (exact dates will be updated soon)
Successful projects from the APS Student Media Festival move on to-->Georgia Student Media Festival then the best projects go on to-->International Student Media Festival

See info about last year's GSMF requirements/guidelines HERE

Awesome projects and winners from last year:

Name: Nikhel Krishna
Grade: 4th Grade
School: Springdale Park Elementary
How many 4th graders know how to create a website? Nikhel not only knows how, but is an International award-winner for his talent. His website submission passed the APS Student Media Festival, went onto the Georgia Student Media Festival, and won at the International Student Media Festival (ISMF) for Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite. The site was originally created for his Composer project in Music class, where he chose to focus on Reinhold Gliere, because his teacher said it would be a challenge.
“I had a lot of fun with it,” says Nikhel. “I’m happy about the award, but I’m happier about my website because it makes me feel really accomplished.” Nikhel created the website through Google, with a little support from his parents. He will have the honor of presenting his project at the Festival in Louisville, KY in the beginning of November. His goal is to be a computer programmer like his father, and prefers to work for Apple because he likes their products and designs.
Apart from his recent achievement, Nikhel is a challenge student who excels in all of his subjects. He enjoys learning new things, and math is his favorite subject. His hobbies include baseball, soccer, and traveling to India. With a bright mind, strong skillset, studious habits, and a great smile, Nikhel Krishna is a winner in every way!
Click to view Nikhel’s website.

4th Grader John C’s Manuel de Falla’s website:

3rd Graders Aiden and Allen's Bright Sheng/Aram Khachaturian interview:

4th Grader Harper's Aaron Copland video:

4th Grader Amir's James Price Johnson video:

5th Grader Franklin's Montoya, um, Moncayo video:

5th Grader Alec's "The Bright Sheng Project"

Tye's interview with composer John Williams:

More coming soon!

3rd Grader Sophia's Bright Sheng PowerPoint:

3rd Grader Diego's "Brain Pop" PowerPoint:

4th Grader Ali's powerpoint about Manuel de Falla:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Info

Music@SPARK December Concerts!
UNIFORM for all performing groups: The Music@SPARK green polo, black pants/skirt/shorts, & black shoes. If you have not received your shirt please send in $11 in an envelope (cash or check to SPARK) to Ms. Turgeon.

Orchestra Concert
Monday, December 10th at 6pm at Mary Lin
Students should arrive dressed in the uniform at 5:30pm

Band, Advanced Chorus, & Chorus Concert
Wednesday, December 12th at 6pm
Band students perform first, then Choruses perform afterwards.
Band students should arrive at 5:30pm
Chorus students should arrive at 4:30 (or Chorus students may stay after school with a snack and their uniform)

Please bring your child dressed in uniform, fed, and on TIME!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

APS Honor Chorus Sunday, December 2nd

On Sunday the Atlanta Public Schools' Honor Groups had a concert in which several of our SPARK singers performed. They looked and sounded GREAT! Members of the APS HC are:

Emily Blackwell
Hailey Larkins-Badio
Zoe Reid
Kiki Soto
Olivia Weller
Gavin Witkowski

See below for great photos!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

ASO Study Guide and Listening Link!

This year's ASO Concert will feature music from different eras in American history:
1400 > Early American Indian.
1492 > Early Settlers .
1782 > The Revolutionary War .
1783 > American Independence.
1790 > Post-Revolutionary War .
1800 > The Start of Western Expansion.
1860 > The First Industrial Revolution .
1861 > The Civil War.
1866 > Reconstruction .
1893 > A New Century.
1930 > Early 20th Century America .
1950 > Post-WWII .
1970 > The Civil Rights Era .
1971 > Modern U.S. History.
2000 > The Rock/Pop Movement .
2000 > Contemporary America.
The Future of Music—featuring music of a student composer from Atlanta!

Check out the listening guide and listening links below.
Listening Link

Study Guide

Also, be sure to check back here regularly--Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students will be receiving information about the Composer Project this month with some brand new options!! Yaaaaay!

You can advance to the next video by clicking the forward button below OR you can pop out to YouTube to see the playlist by clicking the YouTube logo. Please be aware, however, that Ms. Turgeon cannot control the "suggested videos" or comments left by other viewers. Parental discretion is advised.

Attached you will find the permission form to print and send [removed for faster page loading 1/30], and you may choose to pay for the trip at the “Pay Fees Online” link on the SPARK website, by check made out to Springdale Park, or by cash in an envelope with your child’s name and homeroom on it. Please return permission slip and payment (if you didn’t pay online) to your child’s homeroom teacher.

The deadline for payment is December 18th. Please let Ms. Turgeon know if there is a problem with that deadline.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Where Can I Find Definitions?

Don't forget the Music Flashcards are due no later than November 30th!

3rd Grade: 1-25 plus 9 line and space note cards for treble clef (only)
4th Grade: 1-35 plus 9 line and space note cards for treble clef and Project Option from the Music Chart sheet (see below)
5th Grade: 1-50 plus 9 line and space note cards for treble and bass clef and Project Option from the Music Chart sheet (see below)

Students are always invited to come to the Music room before school to work on their cards or talk to Ms. Turgeon if they have any questions! 

Students MAY work with a partner to compile definitions; however, each student must turn in a full set of Flashcards. Students may use the following links to find definitions:

Almost all of our definitions can be found in our Agenda Info:
Agenda Info 2010-2011
Agenda Info 2011-2012
Agenda Info 2012-2013 

You can also use any online kids' Music dictionary:
More advanced dictionaries, if you want a challenge:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Practice Video Lists for December Songs--4th and 5th graders

ALL 4th and 5th Graders
Jingle Bell Rock (2 videos)
Tshotsholoza (3 videos)
A Merry Modal Christmas
Hine Ma Tov (more videos coming soon)
A La Nanita Nana
Ocho Kandelikas
Lift Every Voice and Sing (2 videos)

Click the forward button to advance to the next video:

Advanced Chorus
All Through the Night (Ar Hyd y Nos) (2 videos)
Christmas Time is Here (2 videos)
Riu Riu Chiu (2 videos)

Click the forward button to advance to the next video:

Project Options (you may also choose other songs if you discuss your ideas with Ms. Turgeon)
Kalinka (3 videos)
Aeyaya Balano Sakkad
Mimo, Mimo, Oluwa
Silver Bells (2 videos)

Click the forward button to advance to the next video:

Virginia Highlands 40th Anniversary Video

I just realized that I had not posted the video from the Virginia Highlands gig that the Advanced Chorus did in September. We had a great time! Further thanks to Ms. Mobley for being our banjo girl and to Liz Soto for passing the video along!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Note Card Examples

Students are always welcome to come to the Music Room between 7:45-8:00am to work on their Vocabulary Flash Cards or Note Cards, or to ask questions!

Below are examples of what the 9 Note Cards should look like. These cards will be used in our Music Class Toolbox that includes the Music Vocabulary Cards, and should be turned in by no later than November 30th with the rest of the Flash Card Project. We will review how to create these cards in class, but you will need to finish them at home.

Early projects are always welcomed and will earn extra credit.

If Fourth and Fifth Graders have their cards from last year they may re-use them if they are in good condition and meet the requirements below (which are the same as last year).


  1. Use a straight edge and try to make all cards look as consistent as possible (same width of lines, etc). Cards done without a straight edge will have to be re-done.
  2. Each card should have a treble clef and a whole note on each line or space, as pictured below.
  3. The back of the card should have the letter name for each line or space note. Be consistent so that when you flip the card the answers will always be in the same area of the back of the card.
  4. Don't use the LINED side of your cards--it will make your staff lines look blurry.
  5. Line notes (from bottom to top): E-G-B-D-F  Space notes: F-A-C-E

Front of cards

a few cards flipped over so you can see the answers

Fifth Graders will have reversible cards--from one direction they will be Treble Clef cards, and Bass Clef when turned the other way.

Treble Clef: Line notes (from bottom to top): E-G-B-D-F  Space notes: F-A-C-E
Bass Clef: Line notes (from bottom to top): G-B-D-F-A Space notes: A-C-E-G

On the answer side be sure to show if the answer is for Treble or Bass Clef

Here are some fun worksheets to help you practice note identification!

Also, be sure your Flash Cards are in the correct format!

Classics for Kids Dictionary:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

4th and 5th Grade Lesson listening

While going through the lessons about Timbre (how you can tell voices and instruments apart by their sound) we listened to some fun songs by Bill Monroe, Nickel Creek, and some Native American music. I decided to post some other listening links, just for fun. Try to identify the timbres of the instruments and voices you hear (and see)!

Press the right arrow to advance to the next video.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Music Listening Reflections

Write your reflections on any of the ideas below or design your own reflection. You should use grade-level appropriate writing in paragraph form. Be sure to use your Music vocabulary words. Your reflection should be no shorter than 2 paragraphs for each reflection; however, you can (and are encouraged to) write more!
  1. A song you totally love.
  2. A song you totally dislike.
  3. A song that cheers you up.
  4. A song that calms you down.
  5. A piece of music you have heard all your life or that reminds you of an event in your life.
  6. A song that helped you learn something.
  7. A piece of classical music (see radio for suggestions).
  8. Design your own reflection.
Use the vocabulary words to help express your ideas.
Discuss specific musical parts of the song (tempo, meter, dynamics, pitch, timbre/tone color, mood, form)
Tell about the lyrics.
            Tell what the song makes you wonder, makes you think of, or the "mind movie" story that you think is 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Flashcards and Music Progress Charts due THIS WEEK!

Please scroll down for specific information. 

Your child is welcome to come to the Music room when s/he arrives at SPARK to work on his/her cards using the Music book glossaries!

Don't forget:
Complete BOTH sides of the Music Progress Chart! Be specific with your goals and plan!
Number your cards to match the list.
All definitions should be in sentence form with capital letter & punctuation!
Do your best!

The work I've seen so far looks great!

No work will be accepted after October 5th!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Georgia Tech gig THIS FRIDAY, September 21st!

SPARK kids have been invited to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at a GEORGIA TECH Women's Volleyball game vs. Miami on Friday, September 21st! The game begins at 7:00pm, and call time is 6:00pm at O'Keefe Gym (map below). Friday Traffic is awful and this weekend is Music Midtown, so please plan accordingly and BE ON TIME. If you are heading from SPARK just go west on Ponce, take a Left on Juniper, then right on NORTH AVE, cross I-75 and take the first right onto Techwood Dr. Techwood will dead end right by the O’Keefe Gym. Please try to avoid 10th St. if possible.

  • Attire will be:
Ø  Music@SPARK green polo (if you haven’t ordered yet please have your child wear hunter green shirt OR SPARK logo wear)
Ø  Black pants/skirts/shorts and black shoes.

Further Details:
All student singers will get in for free. Family and friends of the performers will get in for the rate of $4.  The team plays at the Georgia Tech O’Keefe Gym which is located by 6th Street on the Georgia Tech campus. After students sing please come to their singing area to retrieve them to sit with you. Ms. Turgeon cannot stay throughout the game to monitor students because she will be going to see the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl can't wait to see her. J

Any 4th or 5th graders who would like to sing MUST pass a word quiz with Ms. Turgeon, and anthem singers should plan to rehearse at the Advanced Chorus rehearsal on Friday, November 21st from 3:00-4:30pm in the Music Room. 

Finally, Ms. Turgeon needs a volunteer to videotape the kids’ singing with her camera. Please let her know if you’re willing! We need a good video to send in to audition for the Braves and/or Gladiators (hockey). 

Friday, August 24, 2012

AC Songs

The performance will be at Inman Middle School:

Inman Middle School
774 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30306

Thursday, September 13th 6:30pm (Call time 5:30-5:45pm--no later!)Advanced Chorus has been invited to sing at the Virginia Highlands Association 40th Anniversary Party! The area called Virginia Highland has been around since 1972, and the neighborhood has been here 100 years! Our kids will help celebrate by singing songs from 1972 and 1912!

These songs were chosen to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood AND the 40th Anniversary of the name "Virginia-Highlands" for this wonderful neighborhood! 

click the title to go to the video

I'd like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love

Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves

I'd like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand

And hear them echo through the hills
For peace throughout the land  

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to hold it in my arms
    G            D
And keep it company

That's the song I hear
Let the world sing today
A song of peace that echoes on
And never goes away!

Rockin' Robin (1972)
click the title to see Michael Jackson as a little boy

He rocks in the treetop all the day long
hoppin' and a boppin' and a singin' his song.
All the little birds on Jay Bird Street 
love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet 

Rockin' Robin ....Rockin' Robin....
Blow Rockin' Robin 'cause we're really gonna rock tonight

Ev'ry little swallow, ev'ry chickadee.
Ev'ry little bird in the tall oak tree
the wise old owl, the big black crow
Flap their wings singin' "go bird, go!"

Rockin' Robin.....

A pretty little raven at the bird bandstand
taught him how to do the bop, and it was grand.
They started goin' steady and, bless my soul!
They out bopped the buzzard and the oriole!

Verse 1 repeat

click the title to go to the sound file

Come on and hear, come on and hear,
Alexander's Ragtime Band.
Come on and hear, come on and hear,
It's the best band in the land!
They can play a bugle call like you never heard before.
So natural that you want to yell for more!
That's just the bestest band what am, my honey lamb.
Come on along, come on along, 
Let me take you by the hand.
Up to the man, up to the man,
Who's the leader of the band!
And if you care to hear the Suwanee River played in ragtime,
Come on and hear, come on and hear,
Alexander's Ragtime Band!

oom pah oom pah hear the tuba oom pah pah
the clarinets, the clarinets doodle ooo doodle oo the clarinets
rat ta ta ta the bugle call ra ta ta ta call the best of all
that's just the the bestest band what am my honey lamb
ah ah hear the trombone ah
come hear the flute, come hear tweedlee tweedlee come hear the flute
If you hear the Suwannee River played in Ragtime...

Friday, August 17, 2012

September Gigs and "The Star Spangled Banner" Study Guide

We're already getting invitations for our Chorus to perform! Please note the following dates:

Thursday, September 13th 6:30pm (Call time 5:45pm--no later!)Advanced Chorus has been invited to sing at the Virginia Highlands Association 40th Anniversary Party! The area called Virginia Highland has been around since 1972, and the neighborhood has been here 100 years! Our kids will help celebrate by singing songs from 1972 and 1912!

Attire: since our new AC members do not have our Music@SPARK shirts we may wear black pants/shorts/skirts, black shoes and any SPARK wear. Ms. Turgeon is checking to see if we can do a rush order for shirts or borrow shirts from non-AC members.

Friday, September 21st 7:00pm game time (call time 6:00pm) ALL 4th and 5th graders (Chorus members or not) are invited to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Georgia Tech Women's Volley Ball Game vs Boston College. It will be Alumni Night, so there's sure to be a crowd!

The Women's Volleyball Games are at  at O’Keefe Gym
 151 Sixth Street, N.W. Atlanta (right behind theTech Coliseum). 

Students who wish to sing should do a word-check with Ms. Turgeon before signing up. Former Chorus/AC members do not have to do the word check.
Students who wish to sing should plan to attend Advanced Chorus rehearsal on Friday, September 14th OR Friday, September 21st (game day) to rehearse with the entire Chorus!

Below are the words to "The Star Spangled Banner". Pay special attention to the words in bold. Those are the words folks mess up the most. Also, don't breathe during the title of the song!:

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Monday, August 13, 2012

WHAT? Free Points?!

Kids, don't forget you get:
*4 free points when your parents fill out the surveys (linked at the top of the blog) 
*2 free points for getting your white sheet signed! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


From the amazing Ms. Mobley (for instrumentalists and singers):

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm excited to be starting a brand new school year at SPARK! If this is your first time on the blog please explore the links to websites and videos and accustom yourself with where you can find out about . Also, we have a separate website at with more information and photos about the Music programs at SPARK.

I created the blog to support our kids, so I hope it will be useful for parents and students to use as a resource for dates, Agenda Info, and other stuff! The links at the top of the page are the ones that have the most pertinent information, and the links on the right hand side are for your information, including links to my favorite informational and fun sites for kids in Music.

I hope you find the blog to be useful, and that you'll come back whenever you need information about our Music@SPARK activities!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Don't forget to RSVP for the gig at Summerfest THIS Saturday, June 2nd! We will meet by the front doors of Inman MS at 1:30pm for warmup, and perform at 2:15pm at the beach volleyball area Kids Stage! Wear your Chorus shirt or other SPARK wear and shorts.

RSVP to Ms. Turgeon at

Monday, May 7, 2012

Career Day and Honor Chorus photos

Paige Mathis from Atlanta Young Singers conducts a class
 Mr. Pair's equipment as a Dolly Grip

Atlanta Public Schools Honors Groups Concert
Sunday, May 6th at Mays High School

The Urban Harp Ensemble 

The APS Elementary Honor Chorus prepares to go onstage 

Will DuBose, Second Row, top left &
Emily Blackwell, second row, second from the right.

Conducted by Ms. Henderson (Parkside), Mr. Marvel (Mary Lin),  and 
pianist Mr. Belloto (Morningside)

APS Youth Symphony, conducted by Natalie and Reginald Colbert

Friday, May 4, 2012

Correct Lyrics for "Shady Grove", Lucy's Lyrics, and "Simple Gifts"

Shady Grove
Cheeks as red as the blooming rose, eyes of the deepest brown,
You are the darling of my heart, stay 'til the sun goes down.

Shady Grove (unison)

Shady Grove, my little love, standin' in the door,
shoes and stockings in her hand and her little bare feet on the floor.


Body percussion-->key change

Wisht I had a big fine horse, corn to feed him on
pretty little girl to stay at home, feed him when I'm gone.


Sail away, Ladies (with Lucy's Lyrics)
Ain't no use sit 'n cry  Sail Away, Ladies, sail away
You'll be an angel by and by

Don't you rock ‘em diedy-o

I got a home in Tennessee
That's the place I wanna be

Ms. Mobley takes a solo

Come along boys and go with me
We’ll go down to Tennessee

Hush little baby don’t you cry
You’ll be an angel by and by

Ms. Mobley takes a solo

Spilled your milk and made a mess
big wet spot on your blue dress

You fell down and scraped your knee
clumsiest girl in history.

Simple Gifts (listening)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lots of Photos--Inman Park Parade, Kids go to the ASO, Cool Spring Projects, and Card Activities

 Dedicated members of the Music@SPARK Chorus and other kids transformed themselves into the Green Kids to support Mr. R and the SPARK, MES, and Mary Lin band at the Inman Park Festival Parade!

Jamie and Tevy had a chance to meet Maestro Jere Flint, Richard Deane, and the actor who played Farkle McBride at the April 29th ASO concert for kids!

 Malachi created a TUNEABLE & UPRIGHT washtub bass!
 Murphy and Tye did a great lesson for first graders connecting Music and Math!

 Third graders use their Note Flashcards to spell words.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Project Options

Projects may be turned in any time before April 30th. Ms. Turgeon suggests that students should plan to turn in projects the week of April 23rd, if possible.

Please note, these projects do not need to be fancy or involved--this is just an opportunity for students to apply what they've learned in Music class.

As listed on the Music Binder form, students may choose any of the following options for their Spring Music Projects:

Music@SPARK Spring Project Options:
1. Research the history of Appalachian music and tell about its roots.
2. Make an Appalachian instrument (washtub bass, dulcimer, washboard, spoon set….) and play or accompany an entire song on it.
3. Create a project (or projects) that demonstrate that demonstrates your mastery of at least 3 of the MUSIC GPS.
4. Create a lesson connecting another subject to music (ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, PE Art, Spanish, Reading…).
5. Learn an Appalachian song from scratch (you read the notes, and rhythms, practice it, and perform it with little or no help from a coach or adult)—Ms. Turgeon has some sheet music.
6. Create a current events folder about music (collect news stories about musicians, songs, or musical performances and write a paragraph about each item).
7. TWO (reduced from 6) Weeks’ Music Journal—writing about your musical ideas, favorite music or musicians, thoughts about what you’d like to be able to do as a musician, how you think professional musicians learned their skills….
8. Spring concert project--choose from the options below (you may not repeat a project you’ve done before).
--write and memorize an intro for TWO of our songs. Include 5 facts about the song or the composer.
--Be a stage hand (non-performers only), and write a tech plan (what things need to be on stage or moved off stage during the concert) according to the program order
--Audition for a solo (from a list of possibilities) after school
--conduct a song: requires 2-3 rehearsals with Chorus
--choreograph a dance to a song and teach it to the Chorus
--Write a song or a new verse to a song we are learning
--accompany the Chorus on an instrument or play a short solo on your instrument
--Design our Appalachian Spring Concert program cover
--create 2 poster and a 1 page press release or “commercial” with the concert information—you are responsible for posting items and taking them down after the concert
--write a news article about the music that will be performed on the concert

Appalachian Spring Concert

Monday, May 7th 
Call time at 5:30pm, 
Perform at 6:00pm 

Call time 5:45pm
Perform time 6:30pm

Chorus & AC 
Appalachian Spring Concert 
Call time-->5:00pm (students may stay after school with parent note)
Perform after the Band & set change (around 7:15pm or so) in the SPARK Cafeteria! 

Click HERE for lyrics sheet Our spring concert this year will focus on folk music, dancing, and instruments from the Appalachian mountains. The students will be learning about the geology and human history of the Appalachian region (Native Americans and settlers), including how the mountain range was formed and how the mountain range played part in the pattern of settlers in America. The music of Appalachia has diverse and unique pockets of development, based on the people who settled in different areas, including people from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, and various African nations.

The website linked HERE is a clearinghouse of sheet music and tunes for lots of music. You can find Appalachian, Old Timey, Carter Family, and mountain music, notes, and tab for guitar and mandolin. These tunes can be played on any instrument. Check them out!

The video playlist below has different versions of the songs we'll be performing, but because it is folk music our versions will not be exactly like any of these--we'll make it our own!


Other Appalachian dances, how to play spoons, hambone, and juba:

Saturday, March 17, 2012