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The MOST IMPORTANT goals of this project:

  • Listen to the music you will hear on your Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Field Trip
  • Learn and REMEMBER a bit about these composers
  • Practice doing research and citing your sources
  • having fun and being creative with Music

Tuesday, Dec. 6:

Wednesday, Dec 7:
Thursday, Dec. 8:

Friday, Dec. 9:


Progress will be checked weekly! 

Nature's Symphony Composer info click here

Heroes and Villains Playlist:

Students will:
Find basic biographical information & Fascinating Facts about their composer
Cite their resources
Use the information they found to create a presentation about what they have learned.

Info in the document is from:

Recommended books:
Meet the Great Composers, Bk 1: Book & CD by Maurice Hinson and June C. Montgomery
Claude Debussy (First Discovery: Music) by Pierre Babin
Antonio Vivaldi (First Discovery: Music) by Olivier Baumont

Suggested "Weekly" STEPS: Students may complete a part of a step each week, but it should be clear that  s/he has made progress on something weekly. Ms. Turgeon will check progress weekly for classroom points.

Step 1: Listening: 
 CHOOSE YOUR COMPOSER AND LISTEN to his music. Students will listen to music by his/her chosen composer several times and identify the listening elements using correct Music vocabulary.  Music can be here OR on Classics for Kids OR on YouTube 

Step 2: About the Composer: Student will complete research about his/her composer using various source (online and hardcopy) and find the Required Facts PLUS More Fascinating Facts. All information must be put into your own words.

Step 3 (may take 2-3 weeks, depending on your project design idea): Perform, Create, Display, Present:  Student will create or design a way to present his/her facts using the facts from Step 2.
Tech help:
My file is too big to email. What can I do?
Upload to YouTubeGoogle Drive, or Dropbox and send Ms. Turgeon a link

How do I upload videos to YouTube?  Be sure to put your settings at "unlisted" (only those with the link can view/cannot be found in a YouTube search).

ASO Study Guides

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade Nature's Symphony
5th Grade Heroes & Villains coming soon

ASO Guides from Previous Years

TONS of good information included!

  • Do a "smart search" with exact words or phrases
  • Evaluate website--is it a university, educational site, or opinion site?
  • is the information verified? 

Click the links below to see the amazing work by SPARK kids, inspired by the ASO

·         2010 & 2011

Nature’s Symphony
Grades 3rd – 8th
Performances at 10:15 AM & 11:40 AM
Atlanta Symphony Hall
Nov 9th & Nov 18th
Dec 2nd & Dec 6th
Pairing images with music, student will be in awe at how the power of nature including weather, waves and various phenomena on Planet Earth have inspired famous works, including Rossini’s Thunderstorm from his William Tell Overture, and ending with an out of this world trip with John Williams’ Main Them from Star Wars.  Approximately 50 minutes.

GROFÉ                       Sunrise from Grand Canyon Suite                  

FALLA                         Ritual Fire Dance from El amor burro                       

SMETANA                  Vltava (The Moldau) from Má vlast               

DEBUSSY                 En bateau (In the Boat) from Petite Suite       

VIVALDI                      First Movement (Allegro non molto) from Winter from Le quattro staggioni
                                    (The Four Seasons), op. 8, no. 4
ROSSINI -                  William Tell Overture                                     
                                    Allegro End

                  John Williams Main Theme                           

Heroes and Villains
Grades 6th-12th
Performances at 10:15 AM & 11:40 AM
Atlanta Symphony Hall
Feb 15th & Feb 16th

History has long been an inspiration for composers' works. Join the ASO as they take you from Ancient Rome and the emperor Titus (Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito) to Beethoven's Symphony No. 3, "Eroica" (originally dedicated to Napoleon) to Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 (written in response to Stalin) and finally to one of America's great heroes as depicted in Copeland's Lincoln Portrait.   Throughout the program we reference the ideas we may have of Modern Heroes and Villains i.e. Superman, Darth Vader, and our Soldiers.  Curriculum connections include ties to literacy and social studies. Approximately 50 minutes.
Mozart - Overture to La Clemenza di Tito                                         

Williams Superman
Beethoven - Symphony No. 3
Williams - Imperial March                                                      

Shostakovich 5 Mvt 2                                                                        

Copland Lincoln Portrait                                                                

Arms Forces Medley                                     

Summon the Heroes                                                 

Peter and the Wolf
Grades Pre-K-2nd
Performances at 10:15 AM & 11:30 AM

Friday, March 24th, 2017 Atlanta Symphony Hall (Midtown)      

Using music with representations of animals and stories; in the case of Peter and the Wolf, both of these elements are present. Students will enjoy listening to these pieces while also learning how composers use elements of music like DYNAMICS, TEMPO, TIMBRE, TONALITY and TEXTURE to give musical representation to animals and stories. Approximately 45 minutes.

Rimsky-Korsakov         “Flight of the Bumblebee”                           

Camille Saint-Saëns
(Kurth arr)                    "The Carnival of the Animals" (The Elephant)

Copland                         “I Bought Me a Cat”(sing along)                 

Prokofiev                       Peter and the Wolf                                      

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