Thursday, May 4, 2017

Saman Team at Atlanta Families' Awards Ceremony

Our Advanced Chorus was invited to perform for the Atlanta Families Awards for Excellence in Education ceremony, in which this year's winners were recognized. 

I wanted to offer something special, and I enlisted a team of kids who were willing to put in before school, lunchtime, and after school rehearsals for the past couple of weeks on a piece we started learning in Feb (I see kids once a week, generally). I even had kids who couldn't attend the gig, but were willing to serve as coaches so we could be as precise and sharp as possible (Thanks Sophie B and Sydney!). Our coaches were amazing and the performance was significantly better because of their work. But ALL of the singers worked really hard to be precise and on top of their game.

This team rocked my world. Yesterday, the day of the show, our fifth graders returned from their 3-day camping trip to Wahsega at 3pm, and were at the gig at the Carter Center at 5:30pm ready to warm up.

I also had my dear friend, the Music teacher from Henderson Mill ES in Dekalb County, Meaghan Curry on hand to help herd the cats and keep me sane. She was at the ceremony to celebrate her principal Mitch Green winning the AFAEE award, but was willing to skip the grown up time to be with 21 very excited and vocal 4th and 5th graders. My hair remains intact because of Ms. Curry. 

The Saman team was able to do all of this because their parents are wonderful and supportive--they let the singers come to rehearsals, brought them to the gig, and helped make sure everyone was in uniform. PLUS they (Lisa M) filmed the performance! I am so grateful and proud. Great job, Saman team!

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